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Over the last few weeks King Rat has been putting together a mini-picture-blog and taking some photos around the building as the company prepares for its 2011 production of The Nutcracker. We’ll be publishing his rodent-like observations over the next few days.

Aha! I’ve finally found a spare computer in Birmingham Royal Ballet’s offices, and have resisted the temptation to gnaw through any cables, in order to bring you – my hoards of fans – a mini-blog on the preparations for The Nutcracker at Birmingham Hippodrome. You will note that the picture shows that unlike some celebrity bloggers, I’ve not got some flunky to write this for me.

Appearances are everything, so a trip down to wardrobe to check that everything was in order and nobody had pinched anything of mine was very much a necessity. I must say though, that some of the storage baskets appear to have some worrying contents. You’ll also notice that if there’s one thing we’re not short of here, it’s costumes!

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