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Last week we snuck into rehearsals for David Bintley’s new ballet, Faster, which is currently being created ahead of its premiere at Birmingham Hippodrome, 27-30 June. Joining us were Linda and Emilia from The Ballet Bag, who took these two preview photos:

Coming over to say hello, David explained at the start that the rehearsal was going to involve ‘an awful lot of maths’, the taxing choreography requiring the dancers to count their steps carefully.

An earlier rehearsal, in which the male dancers were running around the studio to make intricate, ever changing shapes, had seen them each armed with post-it notes listing the complicated counts as a backup while they committed the intricate choreography to memory. In that instance, the choreography had been so fast-paced that a wrong step would mean a sharp bump into a fellow runner.

This time around the dancers were forming the sharp shape of an arrow-head, with the dancers’ numbers swelling and diminishing as they ran and jumped on the spot. Notably, almost the entire Company were present, with just Matthew Lawrence and Natasha Oughtred next door in studio two, practicing a pas de deux from Far from the Madding Crowd.

Led by Carol-Anne Millar, the dancers were dressed in trainers. At this early stage, there were obvious comparisons with Twyla Tharp’s equally-sneakered In the Upper Room, which saw Carol-Anne shine when the Company last danced the piece in autumn 2010.

Company shoe master Michael Clifford later confirmed the footwear, showing us neon yellow and orange trainers that were to be laced in red and blue respectively. One individual dancer, however, will be wearing trainers painted gold…

Click here to book for performances of Faster in Birmingham in summer 2012.

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