Rehearsals are going incredibly well, especially now we are rehearsing with the full company. It is very exciting to meet and dance with the Birmingham Royal Ballet Company. They are so well trained and I can only aspire to be like them one day. The choreography is amazing and fun to learn. We all have to listen carefully as there may be slight changes to dances or where to be on stage.

I am so looking forward to the first performance, although I’m a little nervous but can’t wait till I put on the costume and dance on the stage. I am having a wonderful time!

Some of the rehearsals are very long and the costumes are amazing. You really feel like you are in a dream when everyone is in costume and rehearsing on the stage. The stage set is fantastic and the party tricks are really clever, it is very interesting to watch everything coming together and is so much fun. The performances are just around the corner and everything is going well. I am so very excited.