Some of the children dancing alongside Birmingham Royal Ballet in our imminent performances of The Nutcracker have once again been kind enough to update us on their experiences!

‘I am having an amazing time rehearsing with the company. I will remember this experience for ever. There are past students from Elmhurst in The Nutcracker. I can’t wait until this weekend when we do our first performance and I am especially looking forward to the O2 arena. It’s an experience I will never forget. I am so excited about dancing with a live orchestra as I will really be able to feel the vibrations of the music. The dancers in the company are so welcoming and really make me feel at home.

‘As Nutcracker is a story about Christmas and dreams, it’s the right time of the year to put on this ballet as we go on tour on Boxing Day. I am so excited for the dress rehearsal when I will wear my costume and make up and to feel the heat of the lights on my face and dance on the actual stage.’

‘We have had three rehearsals so far with the Company and it has been just amazing! The experience of being with the whole Company is just fantastic, because they are professional ballet dancers and that’s just what I would love to be when I am older. You feel as if you have to be perfect all of the time and that you just can’t go wrong – because everyone is watching you and they will know!

‘I can’t wait for the performances to start this weekend – they are really coming close now and I am so excited. I’m so thrilled to be performing with a company as great as BRB!’