Francesca and Sophia are two of the children who has been selected to dance alongside Birmingham Royal Ballet as part of the Company’s 2011 performances of The Nutcracker. While the rest of the Company are still away on the autumn tour, the children, students from Elmhurst School for Dance, have already begun rehearsals. Here you can read guest posts which they have written especially for us:

‘I felt really happy when I was picked to perform Nutcracker with BRB. Three years ago some of my friends got picked to do Sylvia, but I wasn’t concerned then, as I didn’t really know what it was all about. This year however, I desperately wanted to be chosen, because just imagining, me, an ordinary child performing with the Birmingham Royal Ballet was too overwhelming for words. Obviously I was over the moon when I was selected.

‘We’ve had 3 rehearsals so far, and I’m really enjoying them. Can’t wait for next Saturday for the next one.

I’ve never had an opportunity like this before, so I’m determined to make the most of this one!

‘When I found out that I got in to Nutcracker I was so excited about starting rehearsals and performing at the Hippodrome and the O2 arena! I am really enjoying rehearsals at the moment, and the costume fitting was really exciting. My costume is really pretty but it has loads of layers. Also in the costume fitting we had our feet drawn round which tickled … A LOT! I can’t wait till the dress rehearsals and I am really looking forward to going on tour!’